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Xcaper Air Purifying Respirators

A lot of things have changed since 9/11, not only in terms of terror threats, but our understanding of how difficult it can be to egress buildings in a disaster, especially high rise buildings, and how many people can be lost in the smoke and toxic gases of a fire or disaster.

The Xcaper Smoke Mask was designed to combat smoke inhalation and terrorist threats. It is the only moist direct contact smoke particulate gas and vapor filter available in the world today. It is patented worldwide with information available in 27 languages.

“Xcaper” masks and filters have been purchased by business, banking and financial institutions in New York and around the world. Clients have included such firms as Lehman Brothers, Pfizer, AIG, Fidelity Investments, Neuberger Berman, Dewey LeBoeuf, The New York Mercantile Exchange, Giuliani & Partners, US Trust, Holland America Cruise Lines, Computer Associates, Shell Oil, The American Red Cross of Greater New York, and the New York City Department of Corrections, US Marshalls, as well as many other forward thinking companies and agencies.

Xcaper masks have been approved for use by the US Navy Survivability Office, for use in US Navy and DOD facilities

The Xcaper employs revolutionary new technology that uses hospital grade aloe vera gel extract to trap almost 100% of particulate matter down to 3/10 of one micron. The Xcaper’s all natural moist filtering agent absorbs water soluble or anhydrite gases and smoke particulates common to fires.

The “Xcaper” filters out SMOKE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and RADIOLOGICAL particulate. It is effective against Hydrogen Cyanide, Acrolein, Carbon Monoxide, all found in most fires; as well as many industrial gases.

Based on the science, Xcaper Masks will filter but haven’t been tested against.

  • Ammonia  – Yes
  • Cyanogen Chloride  – Yes
  • Formaldehyde – Yes
  • Hydrogen Cyanide – Yes
  • Nitrogen Dioxide – Yes
  • Sulfur Dioxide – Yes

Limited effectiveness against

  • Phosphine – Decent, better at lower concentrations
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – Decent, better at lower concentrations and with our modified gel formula
  • GB (Sarin) – Sarin is soluble in water, the mask would provide some protection, but it’s difficult to estimate how much.

This same technology is currently in use by thousands of professional and volunteer firefighters throughout the USA in the form of “Whiffs”, professional products. Whiffs are used by the San Jose, Newport Beach and San Bernardino fire departments (among many others) to fight the California wild fires.

After 9/11 one of Xcaper’s first corporate clients, Lehman Brothers, hired a consulting firm (James D. Lee & Associates) specializing in WMD/Bioterrorism services, to review and test the “Xcaper” vis a vis the many other products available in the market. Jim recommended the Xcaper and Lehman initially purchased around 30,000 units, one for every employee worldwide. HR at Lehman used to tell us how much their employees loved the Xcaper. They were nervous after 9/11 and were appreciative of the fact that the company valued them enough to go to such lengths to protect them.

In 2005 AIG purchased 90,000 units, again one for every employee worldwide. They began recommending that companies they insure purchase the mask as well with an implication that rates could be affected one way or the other. Around that time, AIG opened an entire new division called “AIG Business Protection” offering such services as “Terrorism Avoidance/Deterrence, Mail Security and Safety, Evacuation Planning and Employee Protective Devices”, one of which is the “Xcaper”.  This division was opened in part due to our mask and the people and information we brought to the table.

Around 2006 Xcaper was introduced to Paul Hashagen and Bruce Newbery, both retired from the FDNY’s Rescue 1 Company, part of the FDNY Special Operations Command.

Paul Hashagen’s reputation within the FDNY is one of the most highly decorated and respected officers ever to wear the uniform. Bruce Newbery isn’t far behind him. Their web site is: www.ffrescue.com, Firefighter Rescue Inc.

Xcaper had previously conducted countless “live fire” tests before bringing the “Xcaper” to market; but Hashagen & Newbery were asked to “live fire” the mask independently and write up the results of their findings. To say they were skeptical is an understatement. They conducted the tests and could not believe the results. They wrote that the “Xcaper” may well “revolutionize public fire safety”.

Both experts asked if they could purchase masks for their families!

Paul has since become a consultant with Xcaper; both Paul and Bruce conduct live fires for Xcaper in Freeport Long Island where they are still active. Both swear by the Xcaper.

The masks have since been reviewed by FDNY’s Research & Development Unit at Ft Totten; by New York City Battalion Chief Andy Richter. Additional independent tests were conducted, Chief Richter later called to say how impressed they were.  Another expert involved, Captain Sacknoff stated that he thought “every civilian on the planet should have an Xcaper”.

Due to the design, these masks don’t require a fit test, they form perfectly to any size or shape of face, with or without facial hair, they are quick and easy to put on, and require no special training to use.

What are your people worth to you?

For pennies a day Xcaper masks can provide unparalleled protection against the widest range of threats to you and your staff, at work, at home or during travel.

Its those who prepare, that survive.

Are you ready?

Contact Unique Fire & Safety Ltd, we can help you prepare.


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