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Xcaper Smoke Masks used by Civilians, Firefighters in New York, California, and Navy Firefighters.

Smoke is the killer in most fires. Smoke masks, emergency egress equipment, and planning are crucial to surviving the choking black toxic smoke of a structure fire. Be it in your home, or an office tower; its likely the smoke will kill you before the fire.
Trapped in a fire, cut off from escape by thick toxic smoke is no way to die.


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This Air Purifying Respirator extracts SMOKE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and PARTICULATE.
Tested as effective against gasses found in most fires:
 Hydrogen Cyanide
 Hydrogen Chloride
 Hydrochloric Acid
 Acrolein
 Carbon Monoxide

Based on the science, Whiffs also extract, but haven’t been live tested against.
 Anhydrous Ammonia
 Cyanogen Chloride
 Formaldehyde
 PCB’s
 Nitrogen Dioxide
 Sulfur Dioxide
 Furans
 Dioxins

smoke mask warning
For Information on how this affects those with lung issues please read the attached page


Smoke Mask
Smoke Goggles
Flashlight & Case

Smoke Mask Emergency Kits

Xcaper’s revolutionary emergency smoke masks and egress kits give you the time and means to escape and survive.
The Xcaper mask, filters the deadly and toxic gases from smoke; paired with the smoke goggles they greatly increase your chance of survival.

Emergency Escape Masks for Home or Work

Emergency Smoke Mask and Goggle kit, fire emergency escape egressPlan to Survive a Fire at Work or Home Civilian Use: Corporations, home owners, assisted living / seniors homes, high rise occupants, travelers, dorm residents, disaster kits, bug out bags…Smoke Mask DetailsDo you work in a highrise office building?
How will you descend the stairwell in the smoke when its burning your throat and eyes, and poisoning you with every breath?
Whiffs-Brush-Pro-Mask800You know that headache you get after sucking smoke, could be killing you don’t you? Professional Use: Firefighters backup to SCBA; Fire Overhaul, Police, Paramedics, military, air crews, pilots, arson investigators, restoration staff, wildfire fighters, smoke jumpers, security personnel.Breathe Easy and Live Longer
Professional Fire Fighter Smoke Masks




A Daily Reminder of Your Brand
Kits can be branded with your logo as a guest loyalty reward or employee appreciation gift. Guests and employees are very appreciative of the care you take in their safety. No matter where your guests or employee’s travels they will carry this with them; be it in hotels, aircraft, at sea, home or work in a high rise.


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Although not certified for it, Xcaper masks also filter out bio hazards, chemical weapons, and radiation.

Peace of mind and a truly a great, all around disaster and smoke mask for pennies a day.

Smoke mask


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