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Re: Smoke Inhalation

We would like to open with, THANK YOU for the job you do.

Our greatest wish is that every fire fighter makes it home at the end of shift in the same condition they started in.

But we know that’s not always the case, and one of the biggest threats faced daily is SMOKE. You can’t wear a SCBA all the time, and we don’t have to tell you what inhaling even light smoke does to you over a few hours, or worse a lifetime of sucking smoke.

There is now an effective and affordable solution.

Whiffs / Xcaper masks filter and trap almost all the Carbon Monoxide, Acrolein, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrochloric Acid, and Particulate down to 3/10 of ONE MICRON

Additional Benefits: They cool the air as it passes through the filter, in light smoke they last up to 10 hours. They are easier to breathe through than a N95 paper filter mask.

Whiffs professional smoke masks are used throughout the USA by wildland and structural firefighters, as well as D.O.D. and private industry.

Using an old technology in a new way, these masks are based on Liquid Vapor Extraction used in the chemical industry to scrub emissions.

Complete documentation is available upon demand, and you can see videos of fire departments testing the masks on our website 

American firefighters have been using them for more than a decade and have nothing but great things to say about them. Some even carry them as a last chance device in their bunker jacket pocket.

Attached you will find a large list of testimonials from fire fighters and fire departments who use the whiffs masks.

Whiffs Testimonials

Please contact us to find out more, or order these lung saving masks.

Yours truly,

Scott Kavanagh

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