Xcaper Professional Easy Breathe Filter


Smoke Filters designed to trap particulate, and toxic gases from wildfire and structural fire smoke.


Smoke filters designed to protect from the toxic chemicals and particulate within structure fires and wildland fires.

These filters fit the Whiffs Brush Pro Mask, Whiffs Tac-Air-Pro Mask, Whiffs Manta Bandanas.

Using a Medical Grade Aloe Vera gel, in a bed of specially designed beads, these lightweight filters cool the air as well as filter the toxins and particulate from smoke.

Unlike charcoal and reactive filters that heat the inhaled air during the chemical reaction they use to filter the gases, Xcaper filters cool the air and last considerably longer.

This Air Purifying Respirator extracts SMOKE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and PARTICULATE.
Tested as effective against gasses found in most fires:
 Hydrogen Cyanide
 Hydrogen Chloride
 Hydrochloric Acid
 Acrolein
 Carbon Monoxide

Based on the science, Whiffs also extract, but haven’t been live tested against.
 Anhydrous Ammonia
 Cyanogen Chloride
 Formaldehyde
 PCB’s
 Nitrogen Dioxide
 Sulfur Dioxide
 Furans
 Dioxins

For an explanation of how these filters work see the documentation.

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Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 17 x 16 x 4 cm