Whiffs Brush Pro Mask



Wildfire and professional firefighter respiratory protection, in a comfortable, easy breathe filtration mask.

Designed to trap the toxic and deadly gases produced by incomplete combustion, these masks filter carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, acrolien and the other toxic and deadly gases from smoke.

Using a patented smoke filter, that traps the toxins in a medical grade Aloe Vera gel thats incorporated into the smoke mask. The same Aloe Vera gel used by hospitals to re-hydrate burn victims lungs.

This Air Purifying Respirator extracts SMOKE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and PARTICULATE.
Tested as effective against gasses found in most fires:
 Hydrogen Cyanide
 Hydrogen Chloride
 Hydrochloric Acid
 Acrolein
 Carbon Monoxide

Based on the science, Whiffs also extract, but haven’t been live tested against.
 Anhydrous Ammonia
 Cyanogen Chloride
 Formaldehyde
 PCB’s
 Nitrogen Dioxide
 Sulfur Dioxide
 Furans
 Dioxins

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 18 x 9 x 6 cm