Smoke Mask, Goggles & Hip Pack


Smoke protection mask and goggles-
Wildfire, structural fire life saving devices


Xcaper’s emergency smoke mask and goggles a life saving combination. Comes with carry or storage bag.

Perfect for one time use in Home, Travel, Office or Wildfire smoke protection.

This Air Purifying Respirator extracts SMOKE, BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL and PARTICULATE.
Tested as effective against gasses found in most fires:
 Hydrogen Cyanide
 Hydrogen Chloride
 Hydrochloric Acid
 Acrolein
 Carbon Monoxide

Based on the science, Whiffs also extract, but haven’t been live tested against.
 Anhydrous Ammonia
 Cyanogen Chloride
 Formaldehyde
 PCB’s
 Nitrogen Dioxide
 Sulfur Dioxide
 Furans
 Dioxins

Background information on the Xcaper Masks

Long term or repeated use masks, see our professional smoke masks
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Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 26 x 17 x 7 cm