Preppers in Canada, Prepping for Urban Survival

Prepping for a disaster is prudent and will make survival easier should TSHTF as they say.

Food, water, first aid, shelter, medicine are all critical to surviving the recommended minimum of 72 hours.
What Preppers and many others fail to account for is their absolute weakest link.

Safe Air To Breathe

singleâ–ºWhat is your weakest link in your health and safety?
Few people think of their lungs, but they are the most fragile part of our life support system

Unique Fire & Safety Ltd are the Canadian distributors of a revolutionary mask, that has been approved by the US Navy Survivability office for use in all DOD facilities.
These masks will protect you from not only the toxic gases in smoke like CO, Hydrogen Cyanide, Acrolein, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitrogen Dioxide and other constituents of smoke but also many man made industrial chemicals such as ammonia, Formaldehyde and others.
PLUS filters biologicals and particulate down to less than .03 micron which covers most airborne pathogens.
90,000 were purchased by AIG insurance, one for every employee.
As well as many other US agency’s such as US Marshalls office.

Forest Fire Mask pro

We also carry the extended use masks, with replaceable filters, which are more economical for long term use

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