Photoluminescent Emergency Egress Solutions

Photoluminescent technology has a bright future; As every firefighter and safety expert knows, if it has batteries, it will fail at some point.

Photoluminescent Emergency Egress Signage, and marking, is an photoluminescent egressamazing advance in glow in the dark products, made to light the way without batteries, wiring, or ongoing maintenance.

Perfect for commercial or residential buildings, retail or warehouse locations. Not only does photoluminescent emergency egress marking make it safer to escape a building but also allows firefighters to move more quickly and get to the victims faster.

From emergency exit signs, to glowing hand rails and stair edges this fail safe technology makes it easier to escape, and helps people remain calm because they have points of reference to see where they need to go.

Photoluminescent also reduces slip and fall injuries on stairs and in dark areas.

Make your commercial building safer