Fund Raising Products Canada

Fund Raising is critical for a lot of organizations.

Many fundraisers sell products like chocolate bars, cookies, raffle tickets …. to make money for their team, school, event or club.

Unique Fire & Safety have several great products you can use to fund raise for your cause.

Not only will these fundraising products make your group money, but will also help protect your community and supporters from fires and disasters. A true Win Win.

What Fund Raising Products Can I Sell

One of the most common threats in every day life is that of fire, and more fires start while cooking than any other type of fire in North America. Causing horrendous burns, deaths, and huge damage to homes.

Fund raising products include.

How Does This Fund Raising Program Work?

We provide you with a catalog of our products as well as brochures and marketing info on the products you wish to sell.
You purchase enough samples to display to your supporters.
Using the samples and catalog, take orders.

Submit your orders all on one simple order form once a week.
Within 10 days we will deliver your order to your office for your people to distribute to the purchasers.

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