Fire Block, Fire Retardant Canada

Fire Block™ – Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant coatings are perfect for our homes, offices and workspaces; which are largely made of highly flammable Class A materials, most of which can be ignited in seconds with enough heat or open flame.

Surfaces such as wood, fabrics,  furnishings, carpeting, draperies, holiday decorations and cardboard boxes are all possible ignition points of a Class A fire.


Fire Block™ is an environmentally green, highly effective fire retardant, that won’t stain or leave a residue. Its fire retardant effect is long lasting unless it is washed several times after which reapplication may be required.

This extraordinary fire retardant coating, prevents ignition or the spread of Class A fires; while also inhibiting the development of toxic hydrocarbon smoke which is a killer.

For added safety, Fire Block™ is used to treat Class A materials such as uniforms and clothing. It’s easy to use; just spray the item or surface being treated allow it to soak in and let dry; or for bulk applications dip and allow to drip dry.

Fire Block™ can also be mixed with latex paint to coat walls and large painted surfaces.

Available in bulk for industrial and commercial uses, in containers from 1 to 275 gallons.   Toxicity and MSDS information are available upon request.

Fire Block, Fire Retardant Coatings

Fire Retardant prevents Fires Prevents Fires on Class A Materials

Multi family residential fire protection Does Not Stain

Fire Retardant Can Be Used on Textiles

Fire Retardant for textiles Leaves No Odor

For use in:

Homes, Apartments / Condos, Rental properties, Hotels, Seniors centres, Churches, Offices, Commercial and Public buildings.

Fire Retardant Saves Lives & Property