Cold Fire Extinguishers

Cold Fire Extinguishers Canada

Cold Fire Extinguishers in Canada.

Cold Fire works on a different principal to most fire extinguisher on the market in Canada today. Cold Fire extinguishers remove the heat from the fire, breaking the chemical chain reaction, as well as by encapsulating the fuel source to prevent re-ignition.


Watch Cold Fire in action and on the news with these Cold Fire Demonstration Videos

Cold Fire Extinguisher Being used on burning truck tires soaked in diesel and gasoline

Cold Fire Exinguisher
8 Liter Extnguishers

Richmond BC Fire Department using Cold Fire on a residential fire

Trusted by Fire Departments, Police Forces, Nascar, Indy Car and several other motorsport groups. Cold fire brings unprecedented knock-down power, in a non toxic, environmentally friendly water based liquid.

The benefits of Cold Fire are many:

  • Quickly removes deadly heat from fires and hot surfaces
  • Works as a protective thermal barrier when sprayed on people or objects.
  • Cold Fire Tactical Extinguishers
    Cold Fire Tactical

    Requires considerably less extinguishing agent, leaving a cleaner scene and less run off.

  • Refill your own extinguishers using concentrated formula and an air pump.
  • Available in several sizes from home use, to professional fire response.
  • One of the very few extinguishers that work on many classes of fire such as A, B, D, & K, which means its very effective at grease, oil, gasoline, even flammable metals like Magnesium which is used in vehicles and wheels.

Fire Extinguishers in varied sizes from 13 oz to 8 liter.

Bulk Cold Fire for Fire DepartmentsAvailable in bulk concentrate for fire departments to add to pumpers to replace current foams.
Non corrosive to tanks and equipment.
Long shelf life (Years)

Please contact us for more information on bulk orders for Fire Departments, Police Dept’s and fleet vehicles.


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