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Preppers in Canada, Prepping for Urban Survival

Prepping for a disaster is prudent and will make survival easier should TSHTF as they say.

Food, water, first aid, shelter, medicine are all critical to surviving the recommended minimum of 72 hours.
What Preppers and many others fail to account for is their absolute weakest link.

Safe Air To Breathe

single►What is your weakest link in your health and safety?
Few people think of their lungs, but they are the most fragile part of our life support system

Unique Fire & Safety Ltd are the Canadian distributors of a revolutionary mask, that has been approved by the US Navy Survivability office for use in all DOD facilities.
These masks will protect you from not only the toxic gases in smoke like CO, Hydrogen Cyanide, Acrolein, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitrogen Dioxide and other constituents of smoke but also many man made industrial chemicals such as ammonia, Formaldehyde and others.
PLUS filters biologicals and particulate down to less than .03 micron which covers most airborne pathogens.
90,000 were purchased by AIG insurance, one for every employee.
As well as many other US agency’s such as US Marshalls office.

Forest Fire Mask pro

We also carry the extended use masks, with replaceable filters, which are more economical for long term use

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Below are a couple of excerpts from commercial aviation authorities discussing fire and smoke in aircraft during flight.

The Royal Aeronautical Society published a “Specialist Paper” on Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft

” Smoke and Fire in transport aeroplanes continues to pose a risk in aviation. While the number of fatalities caused by aviation accidents has decreased, the risk of future fire related incidents or accidents has increased due to the proliferation of lithium batteries and other risks. The importance of continued research, improved regulation, improved manufacturing standards, adoption of technology to mitigate in-flight smoke and fire and oversight by safety professionals is proven in this document. The threat profile of in-flight smoke and fire is also changing due to the expansion of composite materials used in aeroplanes. Composite materials burn differently, disperse heat differently and produce different toxic substances post ignition.”


Fire In The Air

Fire in the air is one of the most hazardous situations that a flight crew can be faced with. Without aggressive intervention by the flight crew, a fire on board an aircraft can lead to the catastrophic loss of that aircraft within a very short space of time. Once a fire has become established, it is unlikely that the crew will be able to extinguish it.


Xcaper masks would fill a long missing roll in Aircraft Fire, Smoke and Fume events.

Absorbing and filtering most of the deadly gases mentioned in the articles below
Xcaper masks would increase your chances of survival on an order of magnitude.

Aircraft Fire Smoke & Fumes on board

Smoke and gases in aircraft fires

Aircraft Fire Survival – Manchester British Airtours Flight 28M

Lessons Learned from British Airtours Flight 28M

On 22 August 1985, British Airtours Flight 28M caught fire on the runway after an engine failure on takeoff, the engine failure punctured a fuel cell and caused a massive fire that killed 52 of the of the 131 passengers aboard.

Forensic investigation later deduced toxic smoke was the main killer, and that most passengers would have survived had they had some form of respiratory protection. Most died from smoke inhalation of carbon monoxide and  hydrogen cyanide which are common constituents of combustion gases.

Survivors stated that:

The effect of the smoke was shocking one breath of the toxic gases made them feel debilitated and they knew that a second or third breath would likely kill them.

Workplace Fire Warden TrainingI personally now always take an Xcaper Kit as carry on baggage. Knowing it will provide the exact type of protection the investigators recommended, without the disadvantages of a smoke hood. Not only am I protected when traveling, but while staying in foreign hotels with less reliable fire safety.

To see where they discuss the cause of death go to 33:00 minute point

An Xcaper Kit can provide life saving time to escape almost any situation.

Don’t wait buy one today

Disaster mask

smoke mask asthma copd

Xcaper Filters & Lung Issues – WARNING | NOTICE | DISCLAIMER


Asthma, COPD, Heart Problems and people suffering with other related disease need to read this.

N95 & N100 filter masks are MORE RESTRICTIVE than Xcaper masks.

Xcaper masks have been laboratory tested to be less restrictive than a N95 rated mask.
Laboratory test results on airflow: Comparison Xcaper Smoke Masks to N95 masks go to page 21 of this document

smoke mask warning

Xcaper filters restrict the flow of air when you breathe*, this can cause problems for people who already have heart or lung problems.


* That being said it is important to understand that you need to balance the health effects of a small restriction in airflow, against the health effects of inhaling fine particles deep in to your lungs, as well as the damaging and irritating effects of the toxic gases in smoke that are removed by this mask.


Information on forest fire smoke and N95 respirators from the Lung Association of Saskatchewan

We recommend speaking with your doctor about using these masks before purchasing or using.

Stay Safe

Smoke Inhalation & Fire Fighters

Unique Fire & Safety LTD.

Vancouver 604 897-1725 Toll Free 1 855 836-5465

All Fire Department Personal

Re: Smoke Inhalation

We would like to open with, THANK YOU for the job you do.

Our greatest wish is that every fire fighter makes it home at the end of shift in the same condition they started in.

But we know that’s not always the case, and one of the biggest threats faced daily is SMOKE. You can’t wear a SCBA all the time, and we don’t have to tell you what inhaling even light smoke does to you over a few hours, or worse a lifetime of sucking smoke.

There is now an effective and affordable solution.

Whiffs / Xcaper masks filter and trap almost all the Carbon Monoxide, Acrolein, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrochloric Acid, and Particulate down to 3/10 of ONE MICRON

Additional Benefits: They cool the air as it passes through the filter, in light smoke they last up to 10 hours. They are easier to breathe through than a N95 paper filter mask.

Whiffs professional smoke masks are used throughout the USA by wildland and structural firefighters, as well as D.O.D. and private industry.

Using an old technology in a new way, these masks are based on Liquid Vapor Extraction used in the chemical industry to scrub emissions.

Complete documentation is available upon demand, and you can see videos of fire departments testing the masks on our website 

American firefighters have been using them for more than a decade and have nothing but great things to say about them. Some even carry them as a last chance device in their bunker jacket pocket.

Attached you will find a large list of testimonials from fire fighters and fire departments who use the whiffs masks.

Whiffs Testimonials

Please contact us to find out more, or order these lung saving masks.

Yours truly,

Scott Kavanagh

Unique Fire & Safety LTD

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Xcaper Mask Testimonial

Xcaper Testimonials – Xcaper Saved my Ass

Xcaper Manta X Mask, and Filter Testimonial

Xcaper Mask TestimonialJust wanted to let you know, the Xcaper filter you sent me.. SAVED MY ASS! I was able to extend an extra line and contain the brush fire in heavy, heavy smoke. Youʻve made me a believer and I will definitely order more! BTW, do u have any filters in a bigger size? we got some big boys in Hawaii. Thanks again Sharon. Iʻll be sending you in the mail some aloha from Hawaii for you and your company. Once again, thank you and God bless

FF1 Kamehalani Ortiz

Travel Safety in Canada

Travel Safety is not something you need to worry about too much in Canada, until something goes wrong.

Smoke on AirplaneCanada’s travel industry record is excellent, but what seems to bother most people is that if there is a problem, there is little you can do about it. You are at the mercy of the circumstances;


Whether flying or traveling on one of Canada’s many ferries, the biggest threat you face, is to your lungs, in the case of fire.

This week alone there have been three Canadian flights that had to make emergency landings due to smoke in the aircraft.

Air Canada and Porter Air make emergency landings due to smoke.

Aircraft interiors are built with materials which when burned, create extremely toxic gasses which can incapacitate and kill people in only a few minutes.
This is a nightmare, there is nowhere to go and no way to prevent sucking toxic smoke, unless you carry an Xcaper mask kit.

Xcaper masks have been tested and approved by the US Navy (see page 7) for use in US Navy and DOD facilities. Depending on the smoke density, Xcaper masks can provide anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours of filtration of the toxic constituents of smoke, including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide and Acrolein; the three main killers in smoke.

Fires on board cruise ships and ferries is unfortunately getting a fair amount of press in the last few years as well. The moral of the story if take responsibility for yourself, be a good Boyscout and Always be Prepared.

Is your life not worth $65?

 Documentation on Xcaper masks

Stay Safe