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What are the Chances of a Fire in My Home?

What are the chances of having a fire in my home, is a common question I hear.

If you define this as a fire serious enough for the fire department to attend and use the time frame of your lifetime, most people are surprised to learn the odds are 1 in 4.

One in Four people will have a large fire in their home in their lifetime

The chances of a person in your home being injured in a fire are one in ten

What are the chances of fire in your home

We don’t have any strong influence over fire code, but we can take responsibility for ourselves by making sure our homes are as safe as we can make them, that we are prepared and knowledgeable about how to escape. That we provide every chance we can to survive which means you MUST HAVE SMOKE ALARMS installed and working on every floor of your home at the very least.

Do you have a toolbox with tools you bought to repair minor issues around your home?
Doesn’t it make sense to have a safety tool box as well?

Here are some products that you should seriously consider purchasing for your safety toolbox.

1 StoveTop FireStop – More than 30% of home fires start on the stove, if you;re going to have a fire anywhere in your home, it is likely going to start when cooking.

2 Cold Fire extinguisher – small fires quickly turn into big fires, a can of Cold Fire is the best type of extinguisher to keep on hand. They don’t require inspection are very effective and easy to use.

3 Xcaper masks – If you can’t hold your breath from your bedroom to the farthest escape point you may need to get to, you need an Xcaper mask to give you the purified air to breath so you can survive.

4 Chimfex chimney fire extinguisher If you have a  wood stove or fire place.

5 Fire Block fire retardant for furniture, carpets, drapes and even clothing. Smokers are especially at risk. (Coming soon)

So why is it that you just happen to sell all this and you’re trying to sell it to us?

Unique Fire Safety are all about incredible products that work, that saves lives, property and money. Everything we sell, we use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.

Your life and world are far more important than sales.

Mitigate Water Damage from Sprinklers

Sprinkler systems save lives and millions in fire damage, but the millions apartflood2in water damage they cause every year is a major expense to building owners and insurance companies.

The largest part of these fires originate from stove top fires, which are by far the most common type of residential fires in Canada.

If you’re going to have a fire in your building the odds are high it will be a stovetop fire.

An excellent example of this problem occurred recently in Victoria BC.

A small kitchen fire in an apartment in Victoria resulted in $100,000 in damage after the sprinkler system flooded four floors on Wednesday night.

Where a small stove top grease fire, activated a kitchen sprinkler, which successfully extinguished the fire;

How do you extinguish stove top fires, before the sprinklers activate?

The answer is simple and has been used in the USA for more than 40 years with incredible success.

“StoveTop FireStop” is the solution to this problem

StoveTop FireStop is an automated residential stove top fire suppression system, which has been tested to extinguish up to 20 cups of burning oil in seconds.

  • Install in seconds with no tools
  • 24/7 automated protection
  • No maintenance
  • Zero false alarms
  • Non toxic
  • If activated, cleans up in minutes


  • Contains cooking fires to the pan
  • Protect your property
  • Protect residents
  • Prevent water damage from sprinklers or fire department
  • Reduce insurance claims

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Welding Truck Highway Hazmat Incident & Explosions

A Youtube video: Welders truck rear ended in a highway accident.

The ensuing explosions, flames and missiles shows what happens when you introduce high pressure vessels full of explosive gasses to impact and heat.

The thing that I find most ridiculous is the moron driving the Volkswagen who appears to be stopped in the oncoming fast lane shoulder to film the explosions. He is at risk of being rear ended as well as being struck by a flaming missile.

House Fire

Home Fire Safety Video – Capt Fast

Fire Captain Harry Fast (retired) has created this video to help educate people on home fire safety. He not only comes at this from a professional fire fighters point of view, but also as a family member who lost an uncle in a tragic blaze as well.

Please watch this video, and take fire seriously, The fire department probably won’t make it to your house in time to save your life. Take responsibility for yourself and your family and TAKE ACTION NOW.

Order Harry’s book and safety planning worksheet. Its your life, take action.

LEARN-MORE  Home Fire Safty

Kitchen Fire kills child

Toronto Kitchen Fire Kills 10 Year Old

How many people have to die before people realize you can’t ever leave a pan or pot unattended on the stove.

This week, it cost a 10 year old boy his life when a kitchen fire erupted in his Scarborough townhouse.

“Preliminary findings indicate the fire originated in the kitchen, on the stove, and then extended up the staircase to the second floor — trapping the victims on the second floor and blocking their escape down the stairs, said the fire marshal.”

“Unattended cooking is the leading source of ignition in home fires and the second leading source in fatal fires,”

CBC New Story “‘Unattended cooking’ cause of fire that killed 10-year-old in Scarborough”

If they had spent $69 on a StoveTop FireStop this would never have happened. Thats less than $0.04 cents per day!

DON’T WAIT TILL ITS TOO LATE. Buy stove top fire stop

Capt Fast Fire Educator

Ask the Captain, Harry Fast

Captain Harry Fast Fire EducatorA man dedicated to making a difference, Capt Fast wants to help you survive. He has the knowledge, background and tools to help.

I love the videos on the site from real fire victims, they make me want to work harder and do more to help Capt Fast achieve his goal.

Capt Fast is working with the Burn fund, please check out his website and the stunning videos.

Look at his kit, and think about sharing this site and its great content with those you care about.


Arson in Langley BC After Domestic Argument

Suspicious Fire in Langley, leaves some pretty scary questions.

Without jumping to conclusions yet, it appears pretty suspicious, and if that suspicion proves out, a pretty horrifying thought follows.

After a father and son argued repeatedly in their Langley BC residence, the son left. Later that evening the house was set on fire.

We will try to update you on the arson investigation as it progresses.

Anyone with information on the suspicious fire is asked to call the Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200, or to remain anonymous, call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS – See more at:
According to another source the son has been charged with arson.

PTSD – Propranolol “A Pill to Forget”

PTSD is a serious problem that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion.
I have experienced traumatic experiences and seen things I wish I could un-see.

Thankfully these visions and thoughts don’t affect my daily life anymore, but when the thoughts sneak in and I allow myself to ponder them for even a few seconds, it leaves me feeling depressed and in despair.

But several years ago, I noticed it seemed to lessen greatly in a short time.

Why did it suddenly stop affecting me so much all of a sudden?

Then I found the answer.
My Doctor had put me on Propranolol for a few months out of a concern about my heart (Turned out to be stress related)
Thinking back, It was just after starting Propranolol that my negative thoughts decreased.
I don’t want to call it PTSD, because I was never diagnosed and feel what I have / had if not as serious as some others who suffer from it.

I also noticed that I also felt way less fear when confronted with situations that would previously had my heart pounding. I would be calmer and seemed to be less adrenaline pumping than before.
(Not to say thats good or bad)

►►Then I saw the Documentary called “A Pill to Forget”
Which is when I realized it was Propranolol that had changed me.
That was about 15 years ago, and I only took it for a couple of months, but the effects still seem to be there..
All in all, I would say it had a very positive affect on my life and how I deal with stress and fear.

If you are suffering from PTSD, I would urge you to look into this.
I suffered no other side effects that I’m aware of.

If you know someone that suffers, please tell them about it.