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NIST fire training video

Fire Behavior Tactical Considerations

Fire Fighter Training lecture from the NIST and UL about the tactical considerations of ventilation. How does ventilation cause fires to grow and be pushed and what are the effects on hot gasses and searing temperatures that can be quickly increased or decreased depending on the way you combine suppression and ventilation.

A MUST watch for Fire Professional

General Public
For the average person with limited understanding of what this all means to you.
By watching the time lines of these fires realize just how quickly temperatures get to thousands of degrees, and how thick smoke gets in minutes.

The take away is:

  1. Make a fire safety plan
  2. Make sure all smoke alarms are working, test them at least monthly they give you a few extra minutes to get out. Make sure you have a smoke detector on every floor and each bedroom or sleeping area.
  3. Close Bedroom Doors, they protect you from the fast movement of smoke and heat.
  4. Keep other doors in the house closed as much as possible, it slows the fires progress and its access to oxygen.
  5. Never open a door without checking if its hot, or smoke coming under the door
  6. Once you open a window or a door the fire may grow quickly or even flash over (explode) so be prepared to exit quickly once you let the air in.
  7. Buy an escape ladder if you are not on the first floor
  8. Purchase an Xcaper Smoke Mask, they can give you the extra time you need to survive.
  9. Buy a can of Cold fire and keep it in your sleeping area, it can be used as a thermal insulator. Spray yourself down with it to give you some protection from the high temperatures


Thank you to Prevention Connection for sharing this information with Unique Fire Safety Ltd.