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Below are a couple of excerpts from commercial aviation authorities discussing fire and smoke in aircraft during flight.

The Royal Aeronautical Society published a “Specialist Paper” on Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft

” Smoke and Fire in transport aeroplanes continues to pose a risk in aviation. While the number of fatalities caused by aviation accidents has decreased, the risk of future fire related incidents or accidents has increased due to the proliferation of lithium batteries and other risks. The importance of continued research, improved regulation, improved manufacturing standards, adoption of technology to mitigate in-flight smoke and fire and oversight by safety professionals is proven in this document. The threat profile of in-flight smoke and fire is also changing due to the expansion of composite materials used in aeroplanes. Composite materials burn differently, disperse heat differently and produce different toxic substances post ignition.”


Fire In The Air

Fire in the air is one of the most hazardous situations that a flight crew can be faced with. Without aggressive intervention by the flight crew, a fire on board an aircraft can lead to the catastrophic loss of that aircraft within a very short space of time. Once a fire has become established, it is unlikely that the crew will be able to extinguish it.


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Aircraft Fire Smoke & Fumes on board

Smoke and gases in aircraft fires