Asbestos Fireproofing Materials

Asbestos was once a common construction material in Canada, and had many uses in construction between 1950 and 1990.

AsbestosAsbestos was not only fire proof, but easy to work with; because of its fibrous nature, when mixed into drywall mud, made a perfect material to bond drywall boards together. This is a big reason why there is so much of it in homes built during these years.

The problem with asbestos, is that when airborne; asbestos can be inhaled deep into your lungs and respiratory tract, causing irritation, scaring, and most seriously lung cancer / mesothelioma which is strongly associated with inhaled asbestos fibers.

If you suspect asbestos in your home, make sure to have it tested by a lab before you start to remove it. If confirmed as asbestos you will need an asbestos disposal company to dispose of the material, as there are no landfills, transfer stations or dumps in BC that will accept it without a lab report.

Don’t risk your health and safety, asbestos can be a silent killer.