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What are the Chances of a Fire in My Home?

What are the chances of having a fire in my home, is a common question I hear.

If you define this as a fire serious enough for the fire department to attend and use the time frame of your lifetime, most people are surprised to learn the odds are 1 in 4.

One in Four people will have a large fire in their home in their lifetime

The chances of a person in your home being injured in a fire are one in ten

What are the chances of fire in your home

We don’t have any strong influence over fire code, but we can take responsibility for ourselves by making sure our homes are as safe as we can make them, that we are prepared and knowledgeable about how to escape. That we provide every chance we can to survive which means you MUST HAVE SMOKE ALARMS installed and working on every floor of your home at the very least.

Do you have a toolbox with tools you bought to repair minor issues around your home?
Doesn’t it make sense to have a safety tool box as well?

Here are some products that you should seriously consider purchasing for your safety toolbox.

1 StoveTop FireStop – More than 30% of home fires start on the stove, if you;re going to have a fire anywhere in your home, it is likely going to start when cooking.

2 Cold Fire extinguisher – small fires quickly turn into big fires, a can of Cold Fire is the best type of extinguisher to keep on hand. They don’t require inspection are very effective and easy to use.

3 Xcaper masks – If you can’t hold your breath from your bedroom to the farthest escape point you may need to get to, you need an Xcaper mask to give you the purified air to breath so you can survive.

4 Chimfex chimney fire extinguisher If you have a  wood stove or fire place.

5 Fire Block fire retardant for furniture, carpets, drapes and even clothing. Smokers are especially at risk. (Coming soon)

So why is it that you just happen to sell all this and you’re trying to sell it to us?

Unique Fire Safety are all about incredible products that work, that saves lives, property and money. Everything we sell, we use ourselves and recommend to our friends and family.

Your life and world are far more important than sales.