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StoveTop FireStop Testimonials

StoveTop FireStop Residential Stove Top Fire Suppression

What the experts have to say about Canada’s newest automated fire extinguisher for grease and stove top fires.

“I am a fire inspector in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2009, I did some research on your product with a apartment complex owner who had suffered losses from both fire and fires extinguished by his buildings’ automatic sprinkler system. During this time, though I was directed by my supervisor to refrain from endorsing an unlisted product, I was supportive of their (your product’s) use.
I have recently been informed that one of your Venthood canisters extinguished a grease fire at that very apartment complex. Extinguished so well if fact, that there was no fire department response.

My recent promotion to Chief Fire Inspector allows me to be a vocal proponent of your product. That incident, allows me to be very vocal. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know. The apartment complex in question is located in the City if Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bayberry Pointe Apartments (616) 791-1948.

Captain Dan VanderHyde, GRFD”

“We recently completed an implementation the Venthood version of StoveTop Firestop across one of our large and geographically diverse insured’s with remarkable results.  The average kitchen fire claim plummeted from $33k to less than $5k.  Also key to our success was the role that Tri-Core played with co-marketing, distribution and other logistics. For us, this product has saved units and lives.”
— Tommy Normand, CSP
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.

“Royal American Management has been using StoveTop FireStop Automatic Fire Extinguisher in our apartments since 1994. Prior to installation of the product, we averaged a kitchen fire per month. We found that more fires occurred during the school months with school-age children fixing snacks on the stove and then leaving the burners on. Average cost of each fire was around $3,000.00. Since installing StoveTop FireStop, we seldom have kitchen fires and have calculated our cost savings from cooking fire-related losses at approximately $100,000.00. I have personally installed StoveTop FireStop in my home and would recommend this product to companies and individuals for both safety and loss control due to fires.”
— Bill Beaver
Vice President, Maintenance Division – Royal American Management, Inc.



“Abbey Residential began using StoveTop FireStops approximately 5 years ago. Since then, this product has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages that would’ve occurred from our residents cooking activities.
In almost 100% of the cases where we have had cooking fires in our apartment units, the resident is either asleep on the couch, has gone to the store to purchase something, or is simply not in the kitchen. That is what make StoveTop FireStop so valuable – the resident does not have to be there for this product to extinguish the fire.

The StoveTop FireStop is one of the best products and apartment owner can purchase. It will make a huge difference in protecting the property from careless residents who put their lives and other residents lives at risk by unsafe cooking practices.”

— Frank Barefield
President – Abbey Residential