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Welding Truck Highway Hazmat Incident & Explosions

A Youtube video: Welders truck rear ended in a highway accident.

The ensuing explosions, flames and missiles shows what happens when you introduce high pressure vessels full of explosive gasses to impact and heat.

The thing that I find most ridiculous is the moron driving the Volkswagen who appears to be stopped in the oncoming fast lane shoulder to film the explosions. He is at risk of being rear ended as well as being struck by a flaming missile.

House Fire

Home Fire Safety Video – Capt Fast

Fire Captain Harry Fast (retired) has created this video to help educate people on home fire safety. He not only comes at this from a professional fire fighters point of view, but also as a family member who lost an uncle in a tragic blaze as well.

Please watch this video, and take fire seriously, The fire department probably won’t make it to your house in time to save your life. Take responsibility for yourself and your family and TAKE ACTION NOW.

Order Harry’s book and safety planning worksheet. Its your life, take action.

LEARN-MORE  Home Fire Safty

Kitchen Fire kills child

Toronto Kitchen Fire Kills 10 Year Old

How many people have to die before people realize you can’t ever leave a pan or pot unattended on the stove.

This week, it cost a 10 year old boy his life when a kitchen fire erupted in his Scarborough townhouse.

“Preliminary findings indicate the fire originated in the kitchen, on the stove, and then extended up the staircase to the second floor — trapping the victims on the second floor and blocking their escape down the stairs, said the fire marshal.”

“Unattended cooking is the leading source of ignition in home fires and the second leading source in fatal fires,”

CBC New Story “‘Unattended cooking’ cause of fire that killed 10-year-old in Scarborough”

If they had spent $69 on a StoveTop FireStop this would never have happened. Thats less than $0.04 cents per day!

DON’T WAIT TILL ITS TOO LATE. Buy stove top fire stop