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PTSD – Propranolol “A Pill to Forget”

PTSD is a serious problem that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion.
I have experienced traumatic experiences and seen things I wish I could un-see.

Thankfully these visions and thoughts don’t affect my daily life anymore, but when the thoughts sneak in and I allow myself to ponder them for even a few seconds, it leaves me feeling depressed and in despair.

But several years ago, I noticed it seemed to lessen greatly in a short time.

Why did it suddenly stop affecting me so much all of a sudden?

Then I found the answer.
My Doctor had put me on Propranolol for a few months out of a concern about my heart (Turned out to be stress related)
Thinking back, It was just after starting Propranolol that my negative thoughts decreased.
I don’t want to call it PTSD, because I was never diagnosed and feel what I have / had if not as serious as some others who suffer from it.

I also noticed that I also felt way less fear when confronted with situations that would previously had my heart pounding. I would be calmer and seemed to be less adrenaline pumping than before.
(Not to say thats good or bad)

►►Then I saw the Documentary called “A Pill to Forget”
Which is when I realized it was Propranolol that had changed me.
That was about 15 years ago, and I only took it for a couple of months, but the effects still seem to be there..
All in all, I would say it had a very positive affect on my life and how I deal with stress and fear.

If you are suffering from PTSD, I would urge you to look into this.
I suffered no other side effects that I’m aware of.

If you know someone that suffers, please tell them about it.